Dr. Coogan is an amazing healer. She is a great listener and an awesome health advocate for healthy living. She gives super thorough adjustments that leave my body feeling amazing and on top of my world. She knows a boatload about Yoga and Ayurveda too. Dr. Coogan is a living example of what wholistic lifestyles can manifest. I would highly recommend you to go see her now for any health concerns.
- Deva Khalsa DevaHealth
I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally after seeing Dr Coogan! She is the whole package for supporting a person in their journey to skeletal health. I'd recommend her every time.
- Courtney Godfrey
I've known Kelly for many years now, and she is by far the best chiropractor and body worker I have ever encountered. Kelly is constantly learning and expanding her knowledge and skill base, and does her own personal work to take care of herself. I've always been impressed with her ability to understand and intuit what's happening in my body. In her own words, she is "not a pain chaser"--you won't get your typical forceful "back crack" here. Kelly is warm, nurturing, and real, and really listens to the concerns of her patients to help them heal from the inside-out. I would confidently recommend her services to anyone who's dealing with pain or discomfort. She's also got an amazing office and crew!
- Jen S
If you're looking for chiropractic services look no further. Dr. Kelly Coogan is the most is the most compassionate person I've ever meet. If I didn't see Dr Kelly, I wouldn't be able to walk and do the things I enjoy doing. I recommend Dr. Kelly Coogan to all of my friends and family.
- Thunder Adams
Dr. Coogan is highly intuitive, skillful and caring practitioner. I have been treated by Dr. Coogan numerous times and each time I felt more whole, grounded and balanced. Dr. Coogan is always expanding her own knowledge and practice and is skilled in Neuro Emotional Technique, Sacro Occipital Technique, Activator technique, and Network Chiropractic. She is also well versed in ayurvedic medicine and pelvic floor work healing. She is quite diversified and very interesting to talk with. However what is most important is that she is a healer, and that she is indeed as you will hopefully experience as well. The New Direction office is awesome, I love the colors and the overall vibe. I felt instantly comfortable there and the healing begins from the moment one enters. I highly recommend New Direction for both the atmosphere and the care they give to their patients. Dr. Coogan rocks!
- P.M. C.W.
Kelly is one of the most qualified chiropractor's I have ever encountered. She has a great demeanor, is an excellent listener and is able to treat me accordingly. She has multiple skills which helped me in my recovery process. I have been wary of chiropractors , however I felt extremely confident and trustworthy in her hands. Her practice is perfectly situated and has a wonderful energy which created a successful healing experience for me. She offers so many different modalities , massage therapy and Egoscue. I highy recommend her skills and the experience!
- Ravelle Smoor
Great healing energy! Practitioners and staff are all wonderful! Dr Kelly Coogan is knowledgeable and caring. The massage therapists are also amazing!
- Tina T
I have visited Kelly Coogan's clinic on numerous occasions for a variety of issues, from a car accident to a fall on my head. Each time she brought great pain relief and sped the healing process. I am ever so grateful to have found such a healer. I know that I stand tall and pain free due to her expert care.
- Mark Wipf
Dr. Coogan is an amazing practitioner. Very warm and compassionate.
- Lindsay Meade
A true healer of pain. I leave Kelly's office energized, relived of any pain and above all inspired to take care of my body and my alignment. Kelly is always willing to spend time to educate her patients on why we are having pain in that area in a way that everyone can understand. Wonderful staff, clean, comfortable, central location. Many other services offered at her office in addition to chiropractic work. I recommend her to any one that is in need of a good chiropractor.
- Jessica Sanchez
Professional and well educated in all things holistic and healthy. She really helped me and I would recommend her to everyone!
- Anna Thiele
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