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People often ask me why I decided to become a chiropractor.

Growing up, i had an uncle that was a chiropractor and he used to pay us visits out in the country where we lived. My mother suffered from severe migraines and pelvic pain and Uncle Mike used to teach me how to relieve her pain using some simple chiropractic methods. At age 10 I soaked up what he taught me and would always be ready for was fun learning how to “fix” a headache. When I was 16 years old and very into basketball, I suffered a fall that injured my pelvis and I was unable to play for weeks. My uncle came to visit and adjusted my pelvis which gave me the relief I needed to be able to heal properly. I had been to other doctors that thought only painkillers could relieve my pain. This was enough for me to make a decision to become a chiropractor.

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I entered school to become a chiropractor at age 22 and I graduated in 1997.   Since graduation, I have studied many techniques and approaches to health including Holistic Pelvic care, Egoscue postural alignment therapy,  Sacro-Occipital technique, Graston, Mayan abdominal Massage, Ayurvedic medicine as well as Cox Chiropractic technique.   I also have a long history of practicing yoga, and I love to teach exercises and methods that people can do on their own to change their comfort level and reduce their pain.  

For the first several years of my career, I worked as a chiropractor in Europe.  I had such a burning desire to travel, so I decided to bring my chiropractic skills with me to places like Ireland, England and Italy.  The experiences I had in these countries were life changing, and I soon realized that offering what I know how to do was a wonderful way to connect with other cultures and meet people from all over the world.   

Finally I decided that I wanted to have my own practice and settle somewhere for a while, so I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where I studied Ayurvedic Medicine with Vasant Lad, while I built my practice.  My practice grew fast, and it was an amazing experience getting to know so many wonderful people in Albuquerque.  After getting so busy with patients and insurance billing,  I decided that I wanted a change, so my husband and I decided to move to Portland, Oregon, where I had longed to move since I graduated in 1997.   I sold my practice in New Mexico and have now been living in Portland since July of 2018.   

My practice now is in my home.  I have a lovely office that overlooks our garden and the city of Portland and I have a Cox 8 table which to me is the most incredible chiropractic table ever created.  I am able to help people with chronic as well as acute back pain, and even disc herniations and stenosis can be relieved without much force.   I love what I do, and I look forward to sharing it with people here in Portland and the surrounding areas.  

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