Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you take insurance?

I do not bill insurance directly for you, but I can always offer you a statement, called a Superbill, that you may submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Please know before coming in for your appointments, that it is highly unlikely that you will get full reimbursement for our time together, as I will be considered an out-of-network provider. All insurance policies are different, so your visit may or may not be reimbursed according to the policies of your insurance plan. All that said, it is almost certain that the amount of your visits will be applied to your deductible.

2. Why don’t you bill insurance for me?

I don’t do the act of billing your insurance for your appointments for two reasons: YOU and ME.

I don’t bill for YOU, so that you get time with me when I am fully listening and present and not stressed about time. I can offer you whatever services we choose without meeting the demands or dealing with the restrictions of your insurance company. And, because I know that when YOU actually invest in my services, you are more committed, dedicated to the work, and I know you are ready. Women often have a hard time investing in ourselves, so when you do invest, I know you will show up fully to the work.

I don’t bill insurance for ME, because I value work-life balance and creating positivity and fun in my life. In my only “job” in Holistic Medicine, we did bill insurance for this kind of care. We spent all of our extra time submitting paperwork and basically fighting with insurance companies who did not honor our care. This created so much tension for us, long hours working into the evenings and weekends to keep up, and a general negative energy around the worthiness of our work. I value free time, fun, and balance in my life and believe 100% in the power of Holistic care.

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