Flow Chiropractic update.

June 26, 2020

Flow Chiropractic Hello everyone.   I wanted to let you know that I am seeing patients, by appointment only and so that means you just call or text me at (505) 417-1917 and we will set you up.  I have been very careful during this time to consider all the risks, and I even moved my office to a bigger and better space that is not inside our house anymore.   Flow Chiropractic is now in a wonderful space with a view of Portland and it even has a whole workout space so I can teach you exercises to help you hold your adjustments longer.    


During this quarantine I have been doing a lot of studying and reading and I am also incorporating even more bodywork into my treatments.  I am using Myofascial stretch technique, Structural Integration as well as Myofascial to loosen the taut and restricted tissues before I use any sort of chiropractic manipulation technique.    As you know, I ran a large chiropractic clinic in NM for 14 years and I never thought I would find the same enthusiasm I had for chiropractic when I first graduated after so many years.  Bodywork has given me a new inspiration and excitement for my work, and I am so grateful!   


I hope to be adding some recipes as well as some new things I have been learning soon.   

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